Seasonal News

Spring has arrived:

Replanting underway of the original english lavender bushes

  • Lavender Flowering Season

    The most important aspect of these plants is that they thrive on neglect and don’t like wet feet. It is therefore wise to produce gardens that work within our climatic conditions and not only does lavender approve the drier conditions it is beneficial as a companion plant in the garden. At this time of the year, the lavender flowers attract bees which in turn can fertilize tomato or melon flowers. Nature working at its best!

    Delightful standard, hedged and bordered Lavender dentata’s in full flower swaying in this wind.

    Hot purples of the stoechas family are a sight to see as well as over hundred roses in flower including favourite Standard David Austin Roses, Heritage, Mary Rose and the Pilgrim. In the southern garden the lilacs have been outstanding with bushes of white, lilac, deep purple and the most unusual white edged deep purple petal flowers with a perfume so sweet.


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Teatrick Lavender Estate About Us

All about Teatrick Lavender Estate.

About Us


    ? who are we ...
    an award winning business, priding ourselves with professional customer service sharing lavenders natural bounty

    ? what we do ......
    grow insecticide and pesticide free fragrant lavender plants including standard lavenders; and produce quality value-added products

    ? why we do it .........
    so prospective customers can enjoy the experience and share the benefits of lavender

    ? how we do it ............
    with loads of lavender passion, energy, determination, dedication and attention to detail

    ? where we work ...............
    within the lavender shoppè, a fragrant and fabulously lavender purple farm-gate shop, 767 Custon Road, Wolseley, South Australia

    ? what we offer is extraordinary ..................
    fantastic devonshire lavender teas to groups by appointment plus a unique opportunity to support a South African Women's Business Centre in Ingwavuma, a poverty stricken community, producing beautiful hand embroidered cards and bookmarks. Each purchase provides the Zulu family with a week's food. Over 3,000 weeks food has been supported.

    ? when we work .....................
    Thursday – Sunday 10am – 4pm beginning October through to the end March

    ? whoops-a-daisy, with lavender flowers ........................
    Teatrick lavender Estate welcomes prospective customers concerned with their well being and embrace safe environmental practices